The Take – The Take LP

Year: 2019


“Hardcore used to be followed by the word punk and that’s what we originally wanted to create”.  What emerged is a refreshing mix of punk, oi, hardcore and rock & roll with melodic yet raspy vocals and a new approach to underground music.




Famed NYHC drummer Will Shepler (formerly of Agnostic Front, Madball) and Sick Of It All bassist Craig Setari (also formerly Agnotic Front) had an idea for a hardcore power trio.  Will called longtime friend, guitarist/vocalist Scott Roberts (formerly of Biohazard, The Spudmonsters, Bloodclot!, Cro-Mags) who had just left Biohazard only weeks before.  It was perfect timing for Scott as he wanted to move on and create something new from the ground up with complete creative freedom and passion.  Soon after, Scott and Will began working on what would become The Take’s self titled debut record.  Craig was busy with Sick Of It All’s hectic touring schedule so Scott recruited friend and oi veteran Carlos Congote (Royal Hounds, formerly of 45 Adapters, Urban Noise, Legion 76) to complete the lineup.


The Skins Are Out Tonight
Class War
Place The Blame
No Tolerance
People Like You
Revolution Now (Written-By – The Press )
Tits On A Bull
King Of The World
Dead To Me
Pray For A Miracle

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The Take